Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia Launching Kawasaki KLX 150

OTOMOTIFNET - Although the newest trail bike from Kawasaki are already on sale through Kawasaki dealers since early April, but until today officially launched. PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia to hold this event at the East Parking Senayan this afternoon (16 / 5).
Stories connect Suzuki TS125 When you see the concepts offered by the IMA, Kawasaki KLX 150 motorcycle was created as a dual-purpose or multi-function motor. That is also reliable in tough across the tarmac and off road terrain.
"Structure sasisnya, legs up to the special design like a sporty bodynya engine but equipped but still comfortable to wear everyday because the dimension that has been adapted to the posture of Indonesia," Kohei open Kuyama, Engineering Manager Project Leader Development Model KLX.
When you look behind this concept is actually similar to the presence of TS Suzuki who has since become a legend in the 80s dual-purpose trail bike that mass produced in accordance with ergonomic posture Indonesian people and its price is relatively affordable. But unfortunately had to stop production of TS Suzuki, and Suzuki has not issued more dual-purpose trail.

After this period TS Suzuki lost, longing many parties to the trail bike factory made more passionate. And KMI became one of the jelly and dare to fill this void. "From the modification of motorcycle or motor sport for the better to buy a trail," open Freddyanto Basuki, Service Department Marketing Division Manager of KMI.
A toast to the prospective new trail legend
With the price of USD 21.7 million (On The Road Jakarta) is considered quite rational. "If modifications could end a lot more," kekeh this tall, thin man. What is certain devotee grasstrack activities such as off-road, off-road adventure through the fashion needs of street bikers who want the look of the trail can be directly met their needs with ease.
In this narrow gap KMI also fairly high hopes. Target 1500 to 1600 units per month is not considered grandiose. Since the beginning of April to May 1800 this had permintaanya units, is on for June of next request at 2800 units, "added Freddyanto. Could be a new legend trail in Indonesia!

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